bullying towards eric and dylan at columbine

a student in dylan’s gym class said dylan wasn’t very coordinated and everybody would make fun of him in class. they called him “stretch” because he was so tall. another classmate said that students would often refer to dylan as “the jolly green giant.” in his journal, dylan wrote "that asshole [redacted] in gym class, how he worries me.”

jordan grimm, a student who labelled himself as a “jock-prep,” said that he would make fun of dylan every time he saw him wearing his trench coat in the cafeteria.

ryan walda said that he once got into an argument with dylan about his aol shirt after he asked him what it meant because he “wore it almost everyday.” dylan told him it had to do with programming and an im group called “punters and progs” ryan was on dylan’s hit list.

bret o’neil said dylan was, “sort of the brunt of jokes.” he said they wouldn’t make fun of him openly, but dylan may have been aware of it.

danielle danford said that dylan once told her that the jocks were giving him trouble but didn’t elaborate any further.

devon adams, one of dylan's close friends, said that she was pushed into a locker by a jock and called a “fag lover” for talking to dylan.

brooks brown said that once, he, eric, and dylan were outside school smoking cigarettes when jocks drove past them and threw a glass bottle that shattered near dylan’s feet. brooks was angry, but eric and dylan didn’t even flinch. dylan said it happened all the time.

eric and dylan were the victims of a particularly humiliating incident in which they were surrounded in the cafeteria by other students who squirted them with ketchup, laughed at them, and called them “faggots.” teachers were present at the time, but did not intervene. sue klebold said dylan came home from school with spots of ketchup all over his shirt. when she asked him what happened, he said he had the worst day of his life and didn’t want to talk about it.

robert perry said “eric had been constantly picked on, taunted, and had food thrown at him by some of the other students.”

during sophomore year, someone named ryan was friends with eric. ryan admitted he would sometimes join in on teasing against eric.

once dylan got in trouble for scratching a locker, he paced to the dean’s office and started to cuss. according to the dean, he “was very upset with the school system and the way columbine high school handled people, including the people that picked on him and others.”

one student said he spent the most of his time in gym class teasing eric because he had a big head on a very skinny body. another student said he had been relentless in his abuse of eric during gym class and that the entire class ridiculed eric for not being good at sports. another student in eric’s gym class said that after eric won a dodgeball game, some jocks ganged up on him during the second game and hit him in the face with balls. after gym, they pushed him into lockers.

one student would always make fun of eric’s clothes, so eric told him to shut the fuck up. another day, the bully came up to him and said “what’s up” in a smartass tone, so eric yelled at him.

dustin harrison said eric and dylan would both get picked on during their classes and the teachers did not care or do anything to stop it.

[eric] had a slight chest deformity. it wasn't that noticeable — it was just sunken in a bit — but when eric would take his shirt off in p.e. class, the bullies were ready and waiting to mock him." said brooks brown.

on february 20, 1999, eric and dylan went to the dean to seek help regarding a problem with another student. the boys told the dean that this student was parking too closely to one of their cars and was “mouthy” with them. the dean said he had told the students counselor.

in march of 1999, eric was seen walking down the hallway with several students following him and taunting him, saying “the war is over, you can go home.” eric yelled at them "shut up assholes!"

chris morris said eric was constantly picked on by the jocks because he was small and that eric was depressed as a result of this.

mollie weksler said some teachers at columbine picked favorites, and that eric and dylan were not one of their favorites. she said a female employee who ran the computer lab would unjustly pick on eric and dylan, they’d glare at her when this happened, but say nothing.

alyssa sechler said eric did not like their german teacher as she would always pick on eric, herself (alyssa), and kristi epling. in kristi's yearbook, eric wrote "frau sucks, but german rules!"

dylan often slept in his calculus class. when this happened, the teacher would yell at him and embarrass him.

eric and dylan’s manager at blackjack said the boys “would gripe about how they did not feel they were being treated fairly and were unjustly persecuted at school.”

according to tom klebold, dylan's father, dylan denied being bullied himself but said people would pick on eric.

in dylan's journal, he wrote "nobody accepting me even though i want to be accepted.” , "i swear - like i’m an outkast.” which could possibly be referencing bullying.

eric wrote “everyone is always making fun of me because of how i look, how fucking weak i am and shit. [...] you people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidance more, [and] treated me more like a senior.” , "people make fun of me... constantly... therefore i get no respect and therefore i get fucking PISSED.” , "whatever i do people make fun of me, and sometimes directly to my face. i’ll get revenge soon enough. fuckers shouldn’t have ripped on me so much huh!” , "i hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. and no don’t fucking say “well that’s your fault” because it isn’t, you people had my phone #, and i asked and all, but no. no no no don’t let the weird looking eric KID come along, ooh fucking nooo.”

many times during the massacre, eric and dylan mentioned "jocks" and people with "white hats", which were typically worn by jocks, and said it was for the way they'd been treated over the past few years. "all white headed jocks stand up, we're going to kill you first!" , "all jocks in here are going to die."

bree pasquale said eric told her, during the massacre, that it was all happening because people were mean to him last year.